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“Simple, Clean, Perfect”

—Alex Roy, The Drive
The Lucid Air is the future of luxury. By combining forward-looking design with ground-breaking technology, the Air transcends perceived limitations of space, energy, and time. A new era of luxury mobility is on its way.
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Uncompromised Luxury

The Lucid Air is a marvel of proportion and form. Freed from the spatial requirements of an internal combustion engine, the Air achieves an expansive full-size interior within a midsize exterior, delivering sublime comfort in a new luxury class.

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Design That Speaks Volumes

Designed from the inside out, the Lucid Air is meticulously sculpted to maximize interior space. Below a sweeping glass canopy, the ultra-spacious cabin provides an unrivaled sensory experience.

Lucid Air Interior

First-Class Comfort

Standard Rear Seating

The Lucid Air's standard rear seating provides superb comfort for up to three adults with class-leading legroom.

Optional Executive Rear Seating (Later Availability)

Inspired by an executive jet, the Air offers optional executive rear seating with 55 degrees of recline, affording moments to stretch out and relax.

Exterior Lucid Air Interior of Lucid Air
Standard Rear Seating
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Breakthrough Innovation

Lucid's proprietary technology is forging a new performance standard. The Lucid Air's pure electric drivetrain delivers an unparalleled experience for driver and passenger alike.

Electrifying Performance

Lucid’s powertrain technology unleashes breathtaking performance with world-class range and efficiency. Developed entirely in-house, this integrated system delivers the ultimate EV driving experience.

Go the Distance

Lucid’s proven world-class battery technology and highly efficient power electronics enable over 400 miles of range (EPA estimate). Say goodbye to range anxiety. You now have the confidence to go wherever the journey takes you.

Interior of Lucid Air drivetrain Exterior of Lucid Air

Precision and Poise

Hitting top speeds or hugging tight corners, the Lucid Air’s perfectly calibrated air springs, advanced damper technology, and low center of gravity deliver precision handling and a smooth ride.

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Intelligent, Intuitive, Connected

Lucid's seamless intelligent technology serves to make best use of your time. The Air becomes a natural extension of your connected lifestyle.

Inside and Out

Inside the Lucid Air, every experience is personal. An on-board assistant tracks usage patterns and preferences, integrating seamlessly with your digital life. Everything is tuned to your liking, from cueing up your favorite music to setting the perfect temperature for your arrival home.

Picture of Lucid Air mobile app controls

Speak Naturally

Sometimes it’s easiest just to ask. Prioritizing distraction‑free driving, the Lucid Air allows you to control key vehicle features with the sound of your voice, no matter where you’re seated.

Autonomous Ready

In the future, Lucid's assistive technology will help you and your family get things done. Over-the-air software upgrades will allow the Lucid Air to transition through progressive levels of autonomy. In the future, your car will be able to retrieve your groceries, pick up your kids from practice, or provide you a moment to sit back and relax as you are safely driven home. This time is yours.

Exterior Lucid Air Exterior Lucid Air
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The All-Electric Lucid Air

The Lucid Air comes standard with features and options that rival high-end benchmarks.


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Lucid Air - profile
mile range (EPA EST.)
sec/0-60 mph

autonomous driving hardware with over-the-air updates

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