Lucid Air Grand Touring has arrived.

Deliveries have begun for Lucid Air Grand Touring and will soon be joined by the new Grand Touring Performance.

Lucid Air Grand Touring

Lucid Air Grand Touring and Grand Touring Performance are here — pushing the limits of efficiency and exhilaration while surrounding you in style and comfort. Customer deliveries have already started for Grand Touring, and the new Grand Touring Performance model is going into production later this spring.

“The Lucid Air Grand Touring epitomizes the promise of the Lucid brand — a triumvirate of stellar driving dynamics, industry-leading range and efficiency, and luxurious interior space,” said Peter Rawlinson, CEO and CTO. “This unparalleled fusion of strengths is the product of Lucid’s ground-breaking in-house technology, like our miniaturized drive units with unrivaled power density and race-proven 900V+ battery and power architecture.”

Lucid Air Grand Touring Performance
For those seeking maximum thrills, we engineered a model that takes driving dynamics further. Optimized for acceleration, Grand Touring Performance delivers 1,050 horsepower, a top speed of 168 mph, and a staggering 2.6–second 0–60 time. All with the stamina to travel 446 miles on a single charge. Bespoke wheels and subtle badging hint at the power within.

Lucid Air Grand Touring
Lucid Air Grand Touring is also phenomenally fast, with 819 horsepower on tap, a max speed of 168 mph, a 3.0–second 0–60 time, and a record-breaking range of 516 miles.¹ With ultimate comfort and efficiency, Grand Touring is built to cover more ground — in stunning luxury.

Fully loaded with features.
No matter how you spec your Grand Touring, you’ll get incredible performance and luxury. Both Grand Touring models are equipped to deliver a world-class experience for drivers and passengers, with included features such as:

  • Glass Canopy spanning windshield to roof
  • Elegant and intuitive Lucid UX with 34-inch floating Glass Cockpit and 5K resolution
  • Extensive over-the-air software update capability
  • DreamDrive Pro, Lucid’s advanced driver assistance system, with 30+ features and future-ready hardware, including the first automotive LIDAR in North America
  • 21-speaker Surreal Sound immersive audio system with Dolby Atmos compatibility
  • Intelligent Micro Lens Array LED Headlights, a solid-state system developed in-house by Lucid
  • Heated and ventilated 20-way adjustable seats that offer a relaxing selection of pneumatic and vibration massaging
  • Soft-close doors, power opening/closing trunk and frunk
  • Ultra-fast 900V+ charging system
Grand Touring Launch

Lavish interiors come standard.
Both versions of Grand Touring deliver comfortable cabins inspired by California. Rich interior textures and materials add warmth and depth to the experience, while California’s mid-century architecture and natural landscapes influence each of the four interior themes.

Santa Cruz: Taking cues from the solar noon sunshine in Santa Cruz, this beautiful contrast of light and dark features Nappa Full-Grain Leather in Lucid Black and Ceramic with North American Walnut trim and Alcantara inserts.

Tahoe: Drawing on the dramatic hues of gold and orange as the sun sets behind the lake and mountains of Tahoe, this interior features Nappa Full-Grain and Premium Natural Grain Leather in Lucid Black and Saddle with Carbon Oak Trim.

Mojave: Inspired by the rich backdrop of the dark desert night, Mojave features Nappa full-grain and premium natural grain leather in Lucid Black and Graphite with Carbon Oak trim.

Mojave PurLuxe (later availability): PurLuxe leather alternative in Lucid Black and Graphite with Carbon Oak trim and Alcantara inserts.

Curve appeal.
Lucid Air Grand Touring and Grand Touring Performance are offered in a palette of carefully curated exterior colors: Stellar White, Infinite Black, Cosmos Silver, Quantum Grey, and Zenith Red.

Both Grand Touring versions come standard with 21-inch Aero Blade wheels with Pirelli tires specially designed for Lucid. The Air Grand Touring is also available with 19-inch Aero range wheels with all-season tires, which further optimize range.

Lucid Air

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Lucid Air Grant Touring Performance Comparison Chart