Lucid’s Arizona Factory Continues to Take Shape

Equipment for the Production Line Begins to Arrive from Japan

On April 23, a ship called One Humber left Japan with 14 containers of robotic and precision tooling equipment destined for the body shop at Lucid’s new Arizona factory — the first purpose-built all-EV manufacturing facility in North America. We watched a satellite tracker in eager anticipation as the ship crossed the Pacific Ocean and arrived a week later at the Port of Los Angeles.

It’s just the first of nine shipments totaling 85 containers of equipment we will receive in the coming months from our supplier Hokuto, which will enable us to manufacture the Lucid Air’s all-aluminum advanced body structure. And it’s all coming exactly on schedule without any delay — even as we maintain the safest possible environment for everyone working on the project at the factory site.

Lucid Air body in white

In fact, we haven’t had to modify ambitious plans to complete our factory for upcoming Lucid Air production. After breaking ground only late last year, we completed the steel structure in February, and most recently framed in the walls and roofing. Upon completion later this year, our production lines will include equipment sourced from the world’s leading suppliers in the United States, Germany, South Korea, and Mexico as well as Japan.

We look forward to sharing more updates as we continue construction on the creation of the Lucid Air’s home.

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