The Lucid Air Is the Fastest Charging EV Ever

Featuring a 900V+ Electrical Architecture with a Charging Rate of Up to 20 Miles Per Minute

The Lucid Air continues to set new benchmarks. And — with a charging rate as fast as 20 miles per minute — it is also the fastest charging electric vehicle ever offered. In real-world terms, this means up to 300 miles of range in just 20 minutes.

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We’ve achieved this charging speed with an ultra-high 900V+ electrical architecture, custom lithium-ion battery cells, a highly sophisticated battery and thermal management system, and exceptional powertrain efficiency. This efficiency is key — playing a direct and invaluable role in the Lucid Air’s charging rate, determining the rate of mileage as distinct from the rate of energy flow.

Lucid’s “Wunderbox” — a unique and innovative onboard charging unit — efficiently combines several functionalities in one package and makes the Lucid Air fully compatible with public charging stations, including an ever-expanding nationwide network of 350kW fast-chargers.

“With our ultra-high voltage 900V+ electrical architecture and the proprietary Wunderbox, we have significantly increased the speed of energy getting into, around, and even out of the vehicle, delivering the world’s fastest charging EV packed with future-ready charging features,” said Eric Bach, Vice President of Hardware Engineering.

We designed the Lucid Air to Combined Charging System (CCS) standards — so it’s compatible with any open DC fast-charging station. Whenever needed, it automatically boosts voltage to charge at the quickest possible rate at any location.

Lucid Air owners who take U.S. delivery will receive three years of complimentary* charging at Electrify America’s extensive nationwide network of ultrafast charging stations that currently boasts 2,000+ individual chargers — 150kW through 350kW. The Lucid Air’s app and navigation system can easily locate Electrify America locations across the country and see real-time charger availability.

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Home charging is a significant EV advantage, and every Lucid comes with a Lucid Mobile Charging Cord as standard. You can also purchase and install a Lucid Connected Home Charging Station, one of the first AC charging stations ever to offer bidirectional charging. This isn’t just a more cost-effective charging method — you can also use your Lucid Air as a temporary energy reserve to power your homes, including off-grid vacation properties. And our integrated partnership with Qmerit provides a seamless installation process. Simply complete a digital survey and Qmerit will manage the entire installation through its nationwide network of highly trained and licensed electricians.

We’re also using our in-house technology to develop static Energy Storage Systems (ESS). It’s a way for Lucid to create a sustainable lifecycle for re-purposing Lucid Air batteries — as well as contributing to a world where sustainable energy storage will have tremendous advantages for peak usage, balanced grids, cost savings, and the environment. We’ve already installed the first ESS prototype at Lucid’s Silicon Valley headquarters — and our team is currently working on a range of ESS products.

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*Complimentary charging sessions up to 100% state of charge, after which idle fees may apply. Charging plan enrollment required.