Video: Winter Testing in Rearview Mirror for the Lucid Air 

Watch Our Beta Prototypes Speed Across Ice and Snow in Sub-Zero Temperatures 

Drifting across snow-covered fields might look fun — and it is — but testing on low-friction surfaces is an important exercise that helps us refine the Lucid Air for stable performance in winter’s worst road conditions. Completing these phases of winter testing is a key part of signing off the Lucid Air for production.

A few months ago, we took two Lucid Air prototypes — Beta 4 and Beta 5 — to the frozen northern reaches of Minnesota for testing in temperatures that dropped as low as -27 F/-33 C. The extreme environment is ideal for validating vehicle dynamics as we test features like antilock braking, traction control, and stability control. 

This video takes you on a thrilling ride through a quartet of sub-zero courses: a circle track, an ice field, a snow field, and a handling track. You’ll see our beta prototypes charge across deep and packed snow, polished ice, and split conditions with surface traction that differs for each side of the car. 

The goal is a  Lucid Air  that remains composed throughout. We’re engineering for precise balance, control, and handling in any situation — a chassis system that analyzes surface conditions, makes hundreds of split-second adjustments, and sends torque exactly where it needs to be to optimize traction. So, you can drive confidently whether your destination is Lake Tahoe or Lake Geneva. 

Lucid Motors Youtube Video
testing the Lucid Air in winter