A note from Peter Rawlinson.

A look back and ahead from our CEO.

Peter Rawlinson and a Lucid Air

This past year has been a momentous time for Lucid. It certainly delivered surprises, but progress has not been impeded. Despite the year’s challenges, we’ve come together as a company, nearly doubling in size, and going all in on the future of luxury electric. It’s my pleasure to share our most profound achievements of 2020 and what we intend to accomplish this year.

Our grand reveal
In September, we had the rare privilege of offering you a first look at Lucid Air. The Air sets true benchmarks. It’s the quickest, most aerodynamic, longest range, and fastest charging luxury electric vehicle ever made. All due to the exceptional quality and craftsmanship we’ve imbued into every detail. The day of our reveal was of significance. Not only was it the founding anniversary of our beloved California, but also the day the sky turned orange due to nearby forest fires. That ominous glow above emphasized the need to make change, and fast.

Lucid Air
Lucid AMP-1

Early December marked completion of Lucid AMP-1, our first greenfield factory and the future of electric vehicle production. It took shape rather quickly, as we broke ground in Casa Grande, Arizona, barely a year prior and finished construction in record time. Moreover, we’ve since employed over 600 new colleagues in Arizona. A highly skilled workforce, preparing us for a smooth rollout as we ready for full production.

Beta 2 prototypes

Beta 2 prototypes
Throughout the fall, we’ve also begun testing and validating our final fleet of prototypes, the Beta 2 series. The Beta 2s were built at AMP-1 and show great promise – with a look, feel, and functionality remarkably in line with the production Lucid Air. We’re currently subjecting them to rigorous testing, from durability and safety, to extreme weather, chassis tuning, and more.

Accelerating forward
Progress has been made in nearly every corner of the company as we tirelessly perfect our premiere vehicle. But I’d also like to speak to the year ahead. Make no mistake, 2021 will be a critical time for the EV industry as a whole. It’s a time of transformation. Stateside, we expect climate change to be a key focus of the new American administration, much like elsewhere. Electrification is a technology race, and though you’ll have options, it’s my belief our devotion to efficiency and luxury will put Air well above any competition.

In just a few short months, the Air shall be in production. Few companies have ever made it to this point. Our first product will define us, so trust that it will simply amaze. For those who have already reserved, thank you for supporting us on this journey. This is the year we’ll begin delivering your cars, and we can’t wait to see them out in the world.

We’ll be supporting you with a network of new Lucid Studio and Service locations — in addition to our nationwide charging partnership with Electrify America. Building on the five Studios we have now, expect 20 by end of year, including international expansion. We’ll also be making strides on endeavors such as Project Gravity, our first SUV. We believe electric is the way forward, and will prove that to you with release of the groundbreaking Lucid Air.

Best regards,

Peter Rawlinson
CEO, Lucid Motors