Lucid History

From Battery Technology to a New Experience Paradigm - A Brief Glimpse Into Lucid's History

In 2008, we began by working on our battery system; the core EV technology to address the challenge of simultaneously achieving high performance, safety, and durability. Over the next five years we would go on to integrate a diverse set of battery packs into motorcycles, sedans, vans and buses with an energy ranging from 3 kWh to 150 kWh. Supporting this range of vehicles and battery packs was a formative learning experience for Atieva’s small team of Silicon Valley engineers. By using modern big-data technology to analyze over 20 million miles of real-world driving data, we improved battery system reliability and performance across all projects. Ultimately, we perfected our core battery system technology and accumulated over 50 patents in the US alone. Many of those original vehicles are still running on the roads without a single safety incident.

At the end of 2013 we were a highly capable producer of connected premium electric battery packs and powertrains, but we still had a grander vision. We felt that if we could break free of the existing automotive requirements and architectures, we would be in the position to create real innovation. It was a liberating experience. Unbound from conventions of the automotive industry, we were free to define our own experience. We started imagining a vehicle that takes full advantage of electrification without boundaries.

In 2014, we closed a 9-digit funding round with the goal of developing a complete car. To achieve this, we started building a team of outstanding creators who were independent, entrepreneurial, and had strong personal vision. We were seeking those who forge their own path, build something out of nothing, and have an unwavering sense of who they are. Together with our new team of designers, software and vehicle engineers, we built a custom 900 hp powertrain test vehicle. It was ordinary from the outside to stay unrecognized, but extraordinary from the inside reaching 60 mph in ~3 seconds with a driving range that well exceeds today’s range limitations.

Over these years of perfecting our technology and accumulating an extensive library of intellectual property, we're no longer confined by the constraints of the past and are driven to fulfill your needs. We are creating an experience that is personalized and liberating, erasing constraints of modern transportation. We are building cars for those who want to be free to define their own path… and it all started with the core EV technology, the battery system.