Creature Comfort Mode: Ultimate Peace of Mind for You and Your Four-Legged Friends

Lucid Air provides exceptional comfort to all of your passengers.

Lucid Creature Comfort

Every Lucid Air now offers “Creature Comfort Mode”, an over-the-air (OTA) software update specifically designed for the beloved pets in your life.

With Creature Comfort Mode, you can set and maintain cabin temperature for your pet’s comfort while you are away from your Air.

With one press of the paw-themed Creature Comfort Mode icon on the Lucid Air Pilot Panel touchscreen, you can set the desired cabin temperature and leave with peace of mind, while the prominent 34” Glass Cockpit display transforms to let those walking by your Air know that Creature Comfort Mode is safely engaged. The Lucid Mobile App also confirms the real-time status.

Lucid Creature Comfort

As always, we have thought this new feature through to the end; the power windows and pedals are automatically disengaged when in Creature Comfort Mode to prevent any shenanigans while you are away.

Lucid Creature Comfort Mode is another OTA-enabled example of our continued commitment to providing exceptional, technology-enabled experiences for all – even your pets. Available now at no charge on every Lucid Air.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I engage Creature Comfort Mode?

  • While seated in the vehicle, simply press the fan button at the bottom of the retractable Pilot Panel, then press the paw-themed “Creature Comfort Mode” icon at the top of the screen, adjust climate control to the desired temperatures, and exit the vehicle. Creature Comfort Mode automatically engages when you close the door, maintaining the cabin temperature you set.

2. How do I confirm Creature Comfort Mode is engaged?

  • Upon exiting and closing the driver’s side door, you will see the 34” Glass Cockpit display transform to prominently show, “Creature Comfort Mode On: My Person will be back soon,” as well as with the current interior temperature. For added peace of mind, the status temperature and activation are confirmed in real time on the Lucid Mobile App.

3. How do I disengage Creature Comfort Mode?

  • When returning to your Air, simply open the driver’s door and the system disengages. You and your loved one are comfortable and ready for the next adventure.

4. Will Creature Comfort Mode shut off at a certain remaining battery life?

  • Like our customers, Lucid prioritized your pet’s comfort. Creature Comfort Mode will not disengage until the battery is at 1% (4-5 miles) of remaining energy.