Lucid Referral Program

Lucid owners earn rewards. New buyers get discounts.

Lucid Air

To celebrate our most passionate advocates who continue to share their Lucid experience, today we introduce the Lucid Referral Program in the United States.

Through this new, two-sided program, Lucid owners earn points and buyers get vehicle discounts. Points earned can be redeemed for rewards like a Lucid factory tour, framed Lucid artwork, or even a lunch with Lucid executives.

How It Works 
Current Lucid Air owners will receive a custom referral link to share with future Lucid owners. Owners can then access and share their referral link from the Lucid Owners Portal (and soon in the Lucid mobile app).

  • Buyers earn discounts:
    • $750 on Air Pure
    • $1,000 on Air Touring
    • $1,250 on Air Grand Touring
    • Sapphire-branded duffel bag on Air Sapphire
  • Referring owners earn points after delivery that can be redeemed for rewards:
    • 6,000 points for Lucid Air Pure deliveries
    • 8,000 points for Lucid Air Touring deliveries
    • 10,000 points for Lucid Air Grand Touring deliveries
    • Sapphire-branded duffel bag upcycled from the same leather featured in the Lucid Air Sapphire for Sapphire deliveries

Owners who have accumulated points through the program will have the ability to redeem their points in the Lucid Rewards Store (accessed from the Owners Portal). In the store, you’ll be able to exchange your points for Lucid experiences, limited-edition products, and select Lucid Store products.

If you have any questions, please contact