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Awards and Accolades

The Lucid Air has earned numerous awards and accolades.

  • World Car Awards2023 World Luxury Car

    The World Car Awards and its 100+ global jurors reward automotive excellence, and they gave the Lucid Air the World Luxury Car trophy for its outstanding design, performance, and luxurious appointments.

  • Newsweek2023 World’s Greatest Powertrain Award

    Newsweek's World’s Greatest Auto Disruptors Awards honors vehicles that stand out from the crowd. The Lucid Air won the 2023 World’s Greatest Powertrain Award for its 500+ mile range from a motor much smaller than that of the competition.

  • U.S. News & World Report2023 Best Luxury Electric Car

    Based on the best blend of efficiency and cost, the Lucid Air was awarded Best Luxury Electric Car for the second year in a row due to its unparalleled range, driving performance, and elegance inside and out.

  • Car and Driver2023 Record for longest-range EV ever tested

    Car and Driver’s longest-range EV test ranked the Lucid Air the highest EPA-estimated range of any electric car sold today.

  • Bloomberg2023 Highest rating overall Green EV ranking

    Bloomberg’s Green EV rating for each car is a weighted score of its range, curb weight, and battery size on a scale from 0–100 (100 being the best). The Lucid Air Grand Touring ranked highest with a score of 71.

  • MotorWeek2022 Drivers’ Choice Award, Best EV

    MotorWeek’s Drivers’ Choice Awards are a yearly roundup of the best vehicles the average consumer would desire across a variety of segments. The Lucid Air won Best EV in the sedan category for its stellar driving performance and long range.

  • MotorTrend2022 Car of the Year

    The Lucid Air has won the 2022 MotorTrend Car of the Year — one of the most prestigious awards in the industry — the first instance in which the initial product from a new automotive brand has been awarded the “Golden Calipers.”

  • U.S. News & World Report2022 Best Luxury Electric Car

    US News praised the Air for its range, spacious interiors, and luxurious feel, naming the Lucid flagship as its Best Luxury Electric Car — scoring it higher than any other category winner.

  • Wards Auto2022 Wards 10 Best Interiors and UX

    This award from Wards Auto noted that the winning interior and UX experience begins the moment you open the door — with its lavish Glass Canopy, inviting materials and colors, and timeless design. They note the interfaces are thoughtfully designed, without being distracting.

  • Cars.com2022 Top EV Pick for Luxury experts examined the price, range, comfort and features of 30-plus EV models, and awarded the Lucid Air its Top EV Pick for Luxury due to its game-changing power and range, stunning amount of cargo space, its quiet and comfortable ride, and more.

  • Green Car ReportsBest Car to Buy in 2022

    Green Car Reports said that California’s Lucid Motors has raised the bar for electric vehicles in ways that matter most for EV adoption. That’s why they selected the Lucid Air as their Green Car Reports Best Car To Buy in 2022.

  • Newsweek2022 Best Super Luxury Car

    Newsweek’s Auto Awards crowned the Lucid Air their Best Super Luxury Car for 2022 based on its design and performance that deliver serene, speedy travel befitting the needs of the most demanding buyers.

  • Wards Auto10 Best Engines & Propulsion System

    Wards Auto honors extraordinary on-road performance and technical innovations in their awards suite. The Lucid Air landed on their 10 Best list for Engines & Propulsion Systems due to its motor being phenomenally powerful and lightweight — in a small package.

  • Edmunds2022 Record for longest-range EV ever tested

    Edmunds ranks the top 10 electric vehicles in order of range based on real-world evaluations, not EPA or manufacturer estimates. The Lucid Air won their first-place honors, fulfilling 505 miles of its 520-mile estimated range on their loop.

  • InsideEVs2022 Record-setting 70-mph range test

    The InsideEVs 70-mph highway range test ranks the top EVs on the market, and announced that the Lucid Air was their winner by a wide margin — posting record-setting range numbers.

  • InsideEVs2022 Record for longest range EV ever tested

    The Lucid Air set the new InsideEVs hypermiling record of 687 miles, and remains the world's longest-range production car.

  • SAE Automotive EngineeringLucid Motors’ home-grown technologies are setting the pace in electrification.

    SAE Automotive Engineering announced that Lucid Motors’ CEO Peter Rawlinson and his development team set the EV benchmark, squarely nailing the fundamentals for their first production vehicle, the remarkable 2022 Lucid Air.

  • Car and DriverThe quickest-charging EV Car and Driver has tested

    In their fast-charging test, Car and Driver honored the Lucid Air Dream Edition Performance as the quickest-charging EV they’ve ever tested. It posted an average rate of 135 kilowatts, 10 kW higher than the Model S Plaid.


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