Better Charging at Home

Lucid Home Charging

We designed the Lucid Air with game-changing battery and charging technology, because owning a sustainable vehicle should make your life easier, not more complicated. 

With the most range of any electric car on the market today,¹ the Lucid Air offers the freedom to travel longer distances with confidence. On road trips, when needed the Lucid Air keeps charging stops brief, with technology on board that makes it one of the fastest-charging vehicles on the market. 

For daily life, though, the majority of Lucid owners prefer the convenience of charging their vehicles at home overnight. It’s like starting every day with a full tank of gas, without the hassle of stopping to refill it. And because it uses energy during off-peak times, overnight home charging is cheaper for you and better for the environment.²​

To help ensure that customers have the best possible charging experience, every new Lucid Air now comes with a $1,000 Charging Allowance ($1,300 CAD) towards the purchase of Lucid charging accessories, such as the Lucid Home Charger.³

With the Lucid Home Charger, you can equip your home with the foremost charging technology from Lucid.  The high-capacity 80 Amp/19.2 kW Lucid Connected Home Charger is the most powerful Level-2 home charger available, delivering up to 80 miles of range per hour in the most sustainable way possible. Its compact design and generous 24-foot cable make it easy to mount and use indoor or outdoors. With its Wi-Fi connectivity, the Lucid Connected Home Charging Station is designed to receive future updates to improve performance and functionality. Visit the Lucid Online Store.  

We are committed to driving the world forward, and now more than ever, we make it easy for you to join us on our mission. 

¹ EPA est. range ratings when equipped with 19” wheels: 411 Touring/410 Pure AWD. Manufacturer’s projected range for ’24 Grand Touring equipped with 19” wheels is 516 miles; EPA-estimated range will be provided when available. Manufacturer’s projected range for Pure RWD equipped with 19” wheels is 410 miles; EPA est. range is 419. EPA est. range for Sapphire is 427 when equipped with standard wheel covers (vehicle may be shown without wheel covers). Range and battery power vary with temperature, driving habits, charging and battery condition and actual results will vary.

² Energy rates vary by provider; check with your provider to determine if your energy will cost less.

³ Only available for customers purchasing or leasing a new Lucid Air; not available for customers purchasing a Demo vehicle.