Our Journey to Sustainability

Lucid launches its inaugural Sustainability Report.

Lucid Sustainability

Today, Lucid Group is releasing our first-ever Sustainability Report. The report outlines our need to accelerate the adoption of efficient, decarbonized technology for a sustainable future.
As an electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer and technology company, Lucid Group has sustainability at its core. It’s ingrained in our purpose and products because we have a critical role to play in shaping the world ahead. As we continue to grow as an organization, we pave a path to a future that’s more innovative, environmentally sustainable, and socially responsible.

An Imperative for Efficiency
According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the largest greenhouse-gas-emitting sector in the U.S. is transportation.¹ Achieving a more environmentally sustainable future requires a reduction of emissions in the transportation sector, both through the accelerated adoption of green technologies and the improved efficiency of that technology.

Developing and manufacturing the most advanced EVs isn’t enough; we want to change the world. To increase our technology’s impact, we aim to make products that can do more with less energy and fewer materials, lowering their total environmental impact. As such, we believe efficiency is the new imperative.

— Peter Rawlinson, CEO & CTO, Lucid Group

Efficiency means using less materials and energy to do more. It means providing drivers with the range they need to travel farther and recharge less, solving for “range anxiety” and lowering the need for energy resources like fossil fuels, relied on by much of our grid. Efficiency allows us to do this using fewer batteries and precious minerals in the process.

Not all EVs are Created Equal
While all EVs have the benefit of zero tailpipe emissions, EVs can vary dramatically in their overall environmental impact. Multiple factors influence this, but it’s largely due to the broad differences in energy efficiency among EVs. The less electricity an EV requires to drive each mile, the fewer carbon emissions are associated with every mile driven.

Use Phase Carbon Emissions

Our commitment to efficiency is most evident in the EPA’s widely used miles per gallon equivalent (MPGe) rating, where the Lucid Air Pure is rated at up to 137 MPGe in combined city and highway driving. That’s the highest rating in the EPA’s Large Car category. It’s also the second-highest rating of any 2024 model-year vehicle as of this writing.³

Through our focus on efficiency, variants of the Lucid Air have been able to achieve the longest range (up to 500 miles on a single charge⁴) and one of the fastest-charging EVs (up to 20 miles added per minute⁵) at the highest efficiency measured in miles/kilowatt-hour (4.74 miles per kilowatt hour). 

Our commitment to efficiency also shapes our battery philosophy. We use less batteries and battery materials to maintain the safety, quality, and driving experience Lucid’s customers expect. In contrast to prevailing trends in the market – where bigger vehicles are often equipped with larger battery packs to achieve even a fraction of Lucid Air’s range – our focus on efficiency allows us to reach impressive range with a smaller battery pack. 

Social Responsibility, Community Impact and Human Rights
As an EV company, Lucid naturally has a strong environmental focus. But we believe sustainability and social responsibility extend far beyond our work towards a lower emissions future.

We are building a robust talent development program to support and encourage growth of our workforce, and we place an emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) across our global locations through trainings and initiatives like our employee resource groups (ERGs).

We seek the best and the brightest talent from around the globe who are committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible to create our innovative technology. I am grateful for the commitment and energy of every one of our team members; their hard work and dedication is what drives Lucid forward.

— Peter Rawlinson, CEO & CTO, Lucid Group

We are committed to giving back to our local communities, through various events, fundraising drives and volunteer opportunities that promote STEAM and DEI efforts. We are a proud partner of the United Way of Pinal County in Arizona, supporting programs like GED scholarships, rental and utility assistance, and childcare assistance, having raised over $130,000 in 2022 for this important cause.

And we are committed to protecting human rights, working to identify, prevent, mitigate and remedy adverse human rights impacts throughout our operations and broader value chain, including those of our suppliers and business partners. Aligned with these efforts, we have begun to build a robust human rights program to address potential human rights risks in our operations, an initiative that spans across all aspects of our business operations globally.

The Road Ahead
Lucid Group has the technical leadership, groundbreaking design, and pioneering spirit to create inspiring products with lower environmental impact.

We believe that being truly sustainable means never settling when it comes to our environmental and social impact and we are in the early stages of building a holistic approach in this area. As a relatively young company, Lucid is working on data collection and establishing our baseline on key focus areas for sustainability.

Make no mistake, this is just the beginning for us, and we endeavor to improve our impact on the planet and society in the months and years to come.

— Peter Rawlinson, CEO & CTO, Lucid Group

We believe in the importance of accountability and transparency, which is why we’re creating this inaugural report. We intend it to provide a qualitative description of our products and programs – and we’ll work to enhance our commitments, data, and reporting for future years.

This is just the beginning for Lucid. We want to improve our impact on the planet and society in the months and years to come. Please join us to learn more about our journey.

You can find our inaugural Sustainability Report here.

About Lucid Group
Lucid's mission is to inspire the adoption of sustainable energy by creating advanced technologies and the most captivating luxury electric vehicles centered around the human experience. The company's first car, the Air, is a state-of-the-art luxury sedan with a California-inspired design. Assembled at Lucid's factories in Casa Grande, Arizona and King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC), Saudi Arabia, deliveries of Lucid Air are currently underway to customers in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and the Middle East.

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