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Vehicle Delivery

Your Delivery Advisor guides you through the entire process, offering updates along the way, as you prepare to take delivery of your Lucid vehicle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the delivery process for the Lucid Air?

Once customers place their order, a Delivery Advisor will be introduced as part of their dedicated Lucid team. They will help prepare the customers to take ownership of their Lucid Air, provide updates throughout the entire process, and guide them through the delivery process, which will vary depending upon the state in which the customers elect to pick up their vehicle.

Where can someone take delivery of their Lucid Air?

Lucid will arrange delivery for customers in all 50 US states and most markets in Canada. There may be differing levels of cost for customers who live in remote areas.

Can someone take delivery in a different state than their registration address?

Most states require delivery to occur in the same state as the vehicle registration; however, Lucid will do its best to accommodate as many customer situations as possible.

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