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Charging Your Vehicle

It's fast and simple. Charge Lucid at home or at public stations all across North America.

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Lucid Mobile Charging Cable

NACS (North America Charging Standard)

Frequently Asked Questions

Lucid Mobile Charging Cable

The Lucid Mobile Charging Cable includes two outlet adaptors: one for a standard 120-volt household outlet and a second adaptor for a 240-volt outlet. Additional adaptors may be available for purchase from Lucid. For faster charging, use a 240-volt outlet.

NACS (North America Charging Standard)

Lucid to adopt North American Charging Standard (NACS), bringing greater convenience to Lucid customers

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I charge my Lucid Air?

You can charge your Lucid Air virtually anywhere in North America, using the Combined Charging System (CCS) plug, the current standard. This makes charging easy at home or at any public station. You can also charge up by plugging the included Lucid Mobile Charging Cable into a typical household outlet or a NEMA 14-50 for a faster rate of charge.

What if I want to take a road trip?

The remarkable efficiency and range of the Lucid Air mean you can leave range anxiety behind – so take that road trip! The projected range of the Lucid Air starts at 406 miles for the Air Pure, and the Air Grand Touring and Dream Edition Range models have a projected range of over 500 miles. You could travel between Los Angeles and San Francisco, for instance, with miles of range to spare.

The Lucid Air Combined Charging System (CCS) plug also means that you can charge at most public stations without the need for an adapter.

Our partnership with Electrify America gives you easy access to a nationwide network of over 700 charging stations with 3,200+ charging stalls and charging power up to 350kW — more than most electric vehicles can accept. Currently, this fast-growing network puts 96% of Americans within 120 miles of an Electrify America charging station.

How does home charging work?

You have two choices for charging at home: utilize the included Lucid Mobile Charging Cable to plug into standard household outlets or a NEMA 14-50, or purchase our aftermarket Lucid Connected Home Charging Station.

For installation of a NEMA 14-50 outlet or Lucid Connected Home Charging Station, see our charging page for further partnership details

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