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User experience

So advanced, it feels completely natural.

The digital ecosystem within every Lucid Air is designed for effortlessness. It’s incredibly intuitive, easy to use, and seamlessly interacts with your own devices. From details like the crisp, clean design of the UI, to facial recognition and Alexa voice-enabled commands, to tactile elements like buttons and displays, the entire experience will aid and delight you.

  • Lucid Connectivity

    The Lucid app. Your drive starts here.

    The experience begins the moment you decide to drive. With the Lucid app you can plan a journey, send navigation to the car, find charging locations along your route, or even precondition the temperature. And when you’re not around, you can soon keep watch through the app.

  • Lucid Connectivity

    A warm welcome, every time.

    Hello there, Air. As you approach the car, it recognizes your device and greets you with a welcome sequence that automatically unlocks the doors, engages the lighting, and extends a handle. Upon settling in, facial recognition adjusts select settings to your personalized preferences so you’re ready to roll.

An experience-driven car.

Throughout your trip, you can interact with the Lucid Air in a variety of ways. With Alexa Built-in, you receive deep integration of in-car controls just by talking. Alexa can help you adjust your seat heaters, lighting, sunshades, navigation, and more. DreamDrive driver assistance offers peace of mind. And Surreal Sound™, Lucid’s available 21-speaker immersive audio system, elevates the entertainment experience. The Lucid Air is even compatible with Apple CarPlay, and countless other apps.

Lucid Connectivity
  • Lucid Apple CarPlay

    Wireless Apple CarPlay® comes standard.

    Say hello to the smarter and safer way to use your iPhone in Lucid Air. Get directions, make phone calls, respond to text messages, enjoy your favorite music, and more — all on the Glass Cockpit display.

  • Lucid Apple CarPlay

    An experience-driven car.

    Throughout your trip — whether a long drive or short hop — you can interact with Air in a variety of ways. Alexa voice commands are at your service and can guide to your destination. DreamDrive driver assistance offers peace of mind. And Lucid’s 21-speaker immersive audio system with Dolby Atmos elevates the entertainment experience. Air is even compatible with Apple CarPlay and countless other apps.

Glass Cockpit

Welcome to command central.

The Glass Cockpit display is a 34-inch, 5K floating screen that sweeps around the driver, curving like the cockpit of a jet. It puts essential information into your sightline, with vehicle controls to the left, driving details in the center, and navigation and media to the right. To supplement, there’s also a retractable Pilot Panel in the center console with deeper-level controls.

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Surreal Sound™

Part car, part Carnegie Hall.

Listen up. Surreal Sound™, the Lucid Air’s immersive audio system, is like nothing you’ve heard before. It has 21 precisely-positioned speakers that deliver concert-quality, directional sound. And the Lucid Air is the world’s first car to offer Dolby Atmos technology, so even functional and safety cues like seatbelt alerts sound amazing.

Lucid Connectivity

Software updates

Always featuring new features.

To keep your car on the cutting edge, Lucid Air receives over-the-air updates and enhancements through its secure and high-speed Ethernet-Ring data network. So the experience just keeps getting better, and you can enjoy all the latest bells and whistles without lifting a finger.

Lucid Connectivity

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¹ Don’t drive while distracted. Use voice-operated systems whenever possible; don’t use handheld devices while driving.