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Behind the Lucid Bear

The story of the Lucid Bear and our California roots.

It All Starts in California

Revered for its power and admired for its beauty, we honor our roots through the Lucid bear. It symbolizes entrepreneurial freedom and serves as a reminder of our commitment to sustainability. You will find our bear in many components of our cars, fully integrated into our design, as an enduring reminder of our land and spirit.

The Lucid Bear Comes to Life

The Lucid bear has been refined to reflect our ethos. We started by lifting its head higher, symbolizing our spirit of dreaming ahead. A slight forward lean offers a bolder stance. And its sleek lines represent movement while reflecting the minimalist approach of our design.

The Lucid Bear Becomes our Icon

The Lucid bear graces the inside and outside our vehicles, symbolizing our company’s culture, purpose, and promise. In the interior, it appears on the seat headrests, the Glass Cockpit and Pilot Panel interfaces, and other locations throughout. On the exterior, in the wheel center caps of some models, and customization options allow for our Lucid bear logo to be prominently displayed on the sides of our vehicles.

The Lucid bear serves as a symbol that helps tell a story of California and its influence on our brand’s design. It represents the heritage of Lucid and celebrates the landscape that inspires us.

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