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Lucid Air Hero

Accelerating the EV Experience – Now From $69,900¹

Air Pure Meets Stealth

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Up to 440 mi²


Up to 7

Most Advanced Electric Car.

Designed in California; Assembled in America; Engineered to Change the World.

2 people, one sitting in a couch and ine walking away from the camera, are shown in a large space in a Lucid location. The room mixes wood and black colors, with concrete floors and lots of natural light.

Technology that drives sustainability.

Our in-house developed technology, innovative design, and advanced EV motors allow customers to go farther with fewer batteries. Lighter, smaller battery packs mean Lucid vehicles use fewer precious metals and minerals.

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A Lucid Air driving on a coastal winding road.

Our electric commitment.

Every step of our process is a testament to green energy: responsible sourcing, zero-direct emissions, with a top energy efficiency rating that sets the tone for tomorrow.

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An aerial view of a Lucid Air is charging outside of a home.

Changing charging—forever.

Founded as a battery company, we know that efficient power, is powerful. We've worked hard to revolutionize how EVs operate—and this is only the beginning.

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A Stellar White Metallic Lucid Air is parked inside of a Lucid service center. The floor is clean and shiny, reflecting the lights above.

Always at your service

Your car deserves end to end support. We uphold the highest standard of care—ensuring a premium experience that lasts as long as your relationship with Lucid.

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The frame of a Lucid electric car showing robustness and battery placement.

Five-star safety

Lucid's engineering boasts some of the best technical specs in the industry, achieving a number of exceptional ratings that exemplify our commitment to your protection.

A man and a woman are shown getting into a Fathom Blue Metallic Lucid Air Pure. The scene is set in a beach town, with stores and sun umbrellas in the background.
A man is walking towards the camera in front of a Infinite Black Metallic Lucid Air Pure. The Lucid Air is equipped with a roof carrier on which a cannoe is loaded. The background shows a lake, trees, and tall, rocky moutains.
Carousel 3
A woman is driving a Lucid Air with an air of confidence and happiness. The photo is taken from the foot well area of the passenger seat. Moutains are visible through the car windows behind the woman.
A woman is walking towards the camera in front of a stellar white Lucid Air Dream Edition. The car is parked under a modern concrete structure. In the background, there are buildings and a think sliver of ocean.

¹ Excludes tax, title, license, options, destination and documentation fees. Vehicle may be shown here with options.

² Manufacturer's projected estimate for top trim based on preproduction specifications; EPA estimates will be provided when available. Range and battery power vary with temperature, driving habits, charging and battery condition and actual results will vary.

³ Based on percentage of major industry awards and accolades earned by new luxury vehicles launched in the last three years and on sale in the United States.

See for more details and limitations.

Offer valid for six months after your vehicle delivery.