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The numbers speak for themselves.

  • EPA estimated range up to¹


  • Approximate minutes to charge 200 miles²


  • Max power³


  • 0-60 mph seconds⁴

    < 9012

Lucid Air


Leader of the (battery) pack.

The Lucid Air has a rip-roaring EPA estimated range of up to 516 miles¹. So you could cruise from San Diego to San Francisco, sans charging. Or wherever the road takes you. This is made possible by our proprietary battery technology. And if you run low, you can power up to 200 miles in about 12 minutes.² Where to?


Zero-to-sixty faster than you can count to two.

Elevate your expectations; The Lucid Air is unstoppable. With a choice of single, dual, or three-motors and max horsepower of 1,200+³, it can go from 0-60 in sub 2 seconds, reach a quarter-mile in under 9 seconds, achieve a top speed of 200+ mph, and has a proven track record for power, literally.

Lucid Air


One giant leap for carkind.

To create more room for you, we had to save it elsewhere. That’s why we invented LEAP, the Lucid Electric Advanced Platform. It miniaturizes everything about the powertrain except power. This groundbreaking, space-saving design also heralds a new era of spatial efficiency and comfort.

A miniaturized motor. With maximized power.

We reinvented the motor by thinking small. Really small. The Lucid Air’s impossibly compact electric motor is the world’s most powerful for its size and weight — with each unit generating up to 670 hp while weighing just 163 lbs. It’s so lean it fits in an airplane carry-on. This is aided by advanced silicon carbide MOSFETs in the inverter that help extend range by minimizing energy loss.

Scenic desert


Introducing your invisible co-pilot.

Meet DreamDrive, the most comprehensive advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) available in an EV. It features up to a whopping 32 sensors, including the latest camera, radar, and ultrasonic technology, plus a high-res LIDAR that uses laser beams to measure distance from objects. So it works in almost any weather condition, and has driver monitoring to help keep you alert. Dreamy, isn’t it?

Lucid Air Coverage


Safety drives everything we do.

The Lucid Air is designed — first and foremost — to do what’s right for the safety of its passengers. This guiding principle goes beyond simply complying with regulations. Doing the right thing is why the Lucid Air is targeted to meet or exceed rigorous global safety standards.

Lucid Frame


The best-case scenario is avoiding accidents in the first place. That’s why we strategically positioned the battery pack to improve handling. And why DreamDrive makes split-second decisions using multi-modal streams of information. Even why the Micro Lens Array headlights provide unprecedented visibility, helping you spot potential problems. In the Lucid Air, you’ve got a ton of tech watching out for you.


In the event an impact does occur, the Lucid Air is designed to keep you safe and secure. Superior construction leads to superior protection, so the Lucid Air’s frame is built of bonded aluminum for solid structural rigidity.

The cabin surrounds passengers with up to nine airbags — and can accommodate two car seats with anchors in the rear. Even the Glass Canopy and windows are laminated, so they won’t shatter easily or break into large pieces.

Lucid Safety


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¹ EPA estimated range ratings when equipped with 19” wheels: 516 Grand Touring. Actual results may vary. Air Pure 410 and Air Touring 425 range are based upon manufacturer’s projected EPA estimated range when equipped with 19” wheels. Projected EPA estimated ranges are subject to change. 

² When connected to DC fast chargers. Actual rates will vary based upon vehicle equipment and charging conditions. 900V+ architecture is only available in select trim levels.

³ 1,200+ max horsepower is only available with Air Sapphire. Vehicle is in pre-production and specifications are subject to change.

Lucid Air Sapphire is in pre-production. Final specifications are not currently available and are subject to change.