The future of our factory starts with the paint shop.

Take a peek into the groundbreaking new paint shop at Lucid AMP-1.

paint shop

We’ve got big plans for the future of Lucid AMP-1 in Casa Grande, Arizona. And they all revolve around our innovative paint shop, designed to expand in phases. It’s the cornerstone of the factory, and embodies our commitment to luxury and sustainability.

What makes the paint shop so critical? According to Mike Boike, Director of Manufacturing, “When you build a paint shop, you have to build with the final volume in mind. The first year we’re only planning for 30,000 cars, but at full-capacity, the paint shop will support 400,000 cars per year. It also needs to be big enough for any size vehicle that comes through.” Hint hint, Project Gravity. “We're competing against the best in the world, and we know it.” he added. “So the processes and the materials that we use are nothing but the best in the world. We've got the latest and greatest paint process. We have the latest and greatest materials, and we have a high-powered team of engineers and manufacturing professionals.”

Lucid AMP-1
Lucid AMP-1 paint shop

The process
To give Lucid Air its rich color and stunning finish, we created a process as efficient as the car. Here are the steps an Air goes through once it enters the paint shop.

  • Pretreatment and Electrocoat: As each Lucid Air comes out of the body shop, it gets rigorously cleaned. Then we apply both a thin film coating and electrodeposition coating, which protect the entire body structure from corrosion.
  • Sealer: Next we thoroughly seal the vehicle to prevent any type of air or water intrusion that could create road noise or water leakage into the car.
  • Paint: Once the unit is sealed and sanded, it’s then sent into the paint booth. Here, we’ve integrated the latest innovative process and materials technologies that result in a flawless, luxurious finish.
  • Finesse: Finally, post-bake, the car is brought to the finesse deck where a team inspects and polishes it to perfection before approving to ship to the customer.
Lucid AMP-1 paint shop
Lucid AMP-1 plans