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Vehicle Lease End

As your lease runs out, remember that all great things don’t have to come to an end. Explore special offers to keep your current Lucid or get a brand new one. If you’re ready to return your vehicle, we’re here to make the end of lease process quick and simple for you.

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Returning Your Lucid

Lucid Excess Wear and Use Guidelines

Frequently Asked Questions

Returning Your Lucid

Step 1.

Approaching the End of Your Lease

  • Call your Lucid Sales Advisors at +1 (844) 367-7787 to discuss the latest Lucid vehicle offerings.

  • Review the Lucid Excess Wear and Use Guidelines.

  • Contact your Lucid service center to schedule an appointment to make any required repairs to minimize end of term liability.

  • Retain all receipts from your Lucid Service Centers to document maintenance and repairs to your vehicle.

Step 2.

Before Turning in Your Vehicle

  • Schedule your vehicle inspection and return by contacting Lucid Financial Services¹ at
    +1 (833) 562-1083.

  • Contact your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for any state license and/or registration requirements.

    Prepare your vehicle for turn-in:

  • Clear all digital personal information from in-vehicle interfaces by performing a Factory Reset using the following steps on the Pilot Panel: Settings > Access Profiles > Advanced Settings > Factory Reset. The vehicle must be logged in to the owner’s profile, charged at least 20%, and in Park to perform the reset.

  • Please remember to return all items that were provided with your vehicle when you first leased it to avoid being charged for the item (for example: all keys, owner's manuals, cargo covers, spare tires/tools, charge cables, etc.)

Step 3.

Turning in Your Vehicle

  • Please retain a copy of your odometer statement.

  • Call Lucid Financial Services¹ at +1 (833) 562-1083

  • Complete the Lease Turn-In form which will be provided by your Lucid representative.

Step 4.

After Turning in Your Vehicle

  • Cancel recurring payments as we cannot stop these on your behalf.

  • If you receive a lease-end bill, promptly pay any amount due.

Lucid Excess Wear and Use Guidelines


Lucid Lease End Interior

Stains: Any stain(s) which require a deep cleaning or those that cannot be removed and require the interior section to be replaced.

Tears: Any tears, cuts, holes, or burns to the interior, regardless of size.

Odors: Smells such as cigarette smoke, mold or pet odor.

Cleanliness: Any excessive grime, dust, dirt, mud, debris or other impurities.

Power Equipment: Non-operational, malfunctioning equipment or missing equipment.


Lucid Lease End Exterior

Scratches and Scuffs: Scratches that are through the paint and larger than the size of a credit card. The sixth and each subsequent scratch per panel that is through the paint and smaller than the size of a credit card.

Dents and Dings: Dents that are larger than the size of a credit card. Collective damage, regardless of size, that is caused by a single event (e.g., hail damage). Holes, cracks, gouges, tears, or cuts in the sheet metal or bumper, regardless of size.

Chips: 11 or more chips, regardless of the size of the chips.

Previous Repairs: Mismatched paint or parts; swirls, bubbles, debris or defects of any type in repainted areas; any substandard repair due to inferior or mismatched replacement parts.

Rust and Corrosion: Any body panel or part that is damaged due to rust or corrosion.

Glass and Lenses

Lucid Lease End glass-lenses

Cracked/Chipped/Broken: Cracked, broken, or missing windows, lights, or mirrors. Scratches, chips, pits, or cracks in the windshield or other glass surfaces. Engraved windows.

Tires and Wheels

Lucid Lease End Tires and Wheels

Tires: Tires with less than 1/8” (or 4/32”) tread depth. Tires that have sidewall damage (which includes plugs and cuts), bulges, or exposed cords. Tires that are mismatched: Tires on each axle that are not the same size, brand, model, type and/or speed rating, and equivalent in quality and performance to the original tires. Spare tire and rim (or inflation kit for those vehicles without a spare tire) that are missing or not in operable condition. If you plan on replacing the tires on your vehicle, contact your Lucid Service Center. Additionally, please note that if your vehicle came equipped with run-flat tires, the replacement tires must also be run-flats.

Wheels: Wheels that are cracked or bent. Rims that are bent or have breaks (regardless of size). Wheels that weren't originally equipped with the vehicle at the time of delivery.

Brakes: Damaged or worn brake(s) that do not meet the government safety standards

Mechanical and Electrical

Mechanical/Electrical: Missing, non-operational or malfunctioning equipment; replacement part(s) that do not meet Lucid’s specifications; substandard repairs.

Vehicle Maintenance: Maintenance specified by the manufacturer has not been performed and documented. Warranty repairs have not been completed.

Missing or Broken Parts

Missing equipment including, but not limited to: owner's manuals, keys, cargo covers, charging cable(s), other charging related equipment including adaptors and bags, and tablets.

Aftermarket Items

Window Tints: Any modifications to the original factory tint.

Aftermarket Items: Any unauthorized vehicle modifications or alterations; damage caused by the installation or removal of parts and accessories.


Further diagnosis: the cause behind any illuminated warning indicators must be diagnosed and repaired. Any items originally provided with the vehicle which are missing, such as: wipers, speakers, original vehicle components, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Vehicle Return

What are my Lucid lease end options?

You have two options available at the end of your vehicle lease: purchase your current Lucid or return your vehicle to a Lucid Service Center in accordance with your lease contract. Please contact Lucid Financial Services¹ at +1 (833) 562-1083 to discuss which option is best for you.

Please note: Purchase option not available in the following states IA, IN, KS, LA, ME,RI.

Where can I return my vehicle?

You can return your vehicle to any Lucid Service Center. Please contact Lucid Financial Services¹ at +1 (833) 562-1083 to schedule the return of your Lucid vehicle.

Am I required to have a vehicle inspection prior to return?

Yes, unless you decide to purchase your current lease vehicle. Please contact Lucid Financial Services¹ at +1 (833) 562-1083 to arrange the vehicle inspection.

What do I have to bring with me when I return my Lucid?

When you return your Lucid you will be expected to return all keys, manuals and accessories that were originally provided with your vehicle. You will also be asked to provide documentation for any repairs you had completed on your vehicle, including for any excess wear and use items. Please be prepared to provide any repair orders and receipts for all repairs made to the vehicle.

What are the requirements if I need to replace my tires?

You will be required to replace any tires that have less than 1/8” (or 4/32”) tread depth remaining. Tires must also be in good condition, do not have any sidewall damage (which includes plugs and cuts), bulges, or exposed cords, and tires on each axle must be the same size, brand, model, type and/or speed rating, and equivalent in quality and performance to the original tires. Please refer to the Excess Wear and Use Guidelines for complete details.

What to do with my license plates after I return my vehicle?

Contact Lucid Financial Services¹ at +1 (833) 562-1083, or contact your Department of Motor Vehicles for your state's official license plate policy. The Department of Motor Vehicles requires that you or your Lucid Service Center return the plates to the Department of Motor Vehicles or local state agency and notify them to cancel the registration of your vehicle.

If you live in one of the following states, your Department of Motor Vehicles requires that you or Lucid Financial Services¹ return the plates to them, or at least notify them to cancel the registration at lease end:
In CT, MA,RI, and WY, a copy of the registration cancellation receipt or transfer must be forwarded to Lucid Financial Services¹ at:

LUCID Financial Services
Attn: Tax Dept P.O.
Box 3608 Dublin,
OH 43016-0306

If you do not cancel or transfer the license plates as required by your state at the end of your lease you will remain liable for all tickets, official fees, and taxes billed on that vehicle. This is a critical step in your vehicle return process.

How can I purchase more miles?

The option to purchase additional miles is not available at this time.

Can I modify my Lucid vehicle?

Your Lease Agreement requires that you return your vehicle with only accessories installed by Lucid or a Lucid authorized installer. Please refer to your Lease Agreement under Vehicle Use and Excess Wear Sections for additional information.


How can I purchase my vehicle?

Please contact Lucid Financial Services¹ at +1 (833) 562-1083 to request information on purchasing your current Lucid vehicle and similar information including title release information.

Please note: Purchase option not available in the following states IA, IN, KS, LA, ME,RI.

Interested in a new Lucid?

Your Lucid sales consultant will be happy to discuss your options to purchase or lease a new Lucid. You can reach your consultant at +1 (844) 367-7787.

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