Introducing the instantly intuitive Lucid User Experience.

Meet the advanced technology that powers every Lucid Air.

Lucid User Experience

The Lucid User Experience has arrived. With its unique form factor, and clean, intuitive design, it makes connecting and interacting with Lucid Air an experience that will delight. Watch above for the full reveal.

Derek Jenkins, our Senior VP of Design, speaks to our vision with this digital ecosystem. “In much the same way that a holistic, clean-sheet approach to design and engineering has made possible the revolutionary packaging and efficiency of Lucid Air, this built-from-the-ground-up strategy has also enabled the creation of Lucid UX, a truly innovative human-machine interface that is easy-to-use and aesthetically beautiful. Lucid UX retains specific functions that work from a traditional physical interface and pairs those with an innovative form factor that’s highly advanced and ergonomic, providing intuitive access to all vehicle systems.”

Lucid User Experience
Lucid User Experience

The in-car experience
The interior of the Lucid Air features two primary touch-control displays – the Glass Cockpit and the Pilot Panel. The Glass Cockpit is a 34-inch, 5K floating screen that sweeps around the driver, curving like the cockpit of a jet. It puts essential information into your sightline, with vehicle controls to the left, driving details in the center, and navigation and media to the right.

The Pilot Panel is centrally located in the lower console display, enabling further in-depth controls. Both displays are contoured toward the driver and are positioned to be within easy reach. While the Lucid User Experience also extends to the Lucid app and other touchpoints, these two key displays are where the richest interactions take place.

Both the Glass Cockpit and the Pilot Panel were designed in close concert with the rest of the vehicle interior to ensure a seamless transition between digital and physical, ultimately creating an interior that feels like a single coherent space.

Lucid User Experience

Designed for effortless interaction
We believe the mode of interaction should truly fit the task. Working in close collaboration throughout the development process, our design and engineering teams identified features and interactions that would be best served with dedicated physical touchpoints, such as climate controls and window switches. These are operated with physical controls on the dashboard, doors, and steering wheel that are crafted to look beautiful and still provide clear tactile feedback. To this end, a single toggle switch or roller in the Lucid Air could go through over 100 iterations of different shape, weighting, and detent placement as part of fine-tuning the tactile feedback.

This concept of unifying digital and physical also extends to the 21-speaker Surreal Sound system. By directing sound with precision throughout the interior of Lucid Air, this technology not only creates an incredible in-car audio experience, but also delivers directional auditory cues for alerts, notifications, and warnings.

Beyond tactile and touch interactions, you can control many vehicle features simply by speaking, thanks to a partnership with Amazon to integrate Alexa Auto. We’ve also worked closely with outside tech companies to bring popular features into the Lucid Air. Apple CarPlay, for example, will be available with a wireless connection. For Android users, Android Auto will also be offered. In addition, several music services – including Spotify and iHeartRadio – will be supported.

Lucid User Experience

Always featuring new features
Lucid UX is designed to evolve and grow over time so it can best meet your needs today and into the future. This starts with cutting-edge, lightning-quick foundation centered around the Lucid Ethernet Ring. By linking powerful processors throughout the vehicle with an innovative ethernet connection, systems communicate with each other at gigabit speeds. This innovative electrical architecture has the added benefit of providing a robust layer of redundancy throughout the system.

Additionally, integrated mobile and Wi-Fi connectivity ensure that every Lucid Air can receive Over-the-Air (OTA) software updates, bringing a steady stream of new features and enhancements. This deep level of connectivity also helps you stay connected with your car no matter where you are. With the Lucid app, you can view charge status, check and set the climate controls, and pre-load navigation journeys from anywhere.