The full reveal: DreamDrive.

Discover our ultra-intuitive advanced driver assistance system.

Lucid Air

Introducing DreamDrive, our ultra-intuitive advanced driver assistance system. Think of it as your invisible co-pilot. From detecting objects you can’t see, to optimizing your position on the freeway, to parking automatically, DreamDrive takes Lucid Air to a whole new level. Watch the video and discover it for yourself.

Meet DreamDrive Pro
DreamDrive Pro, the most comprehensive version of DreamDrive, is a remarkable feat of technical engineering and prowess. It employs up to 32 on-board sensors, a sophisticated driver-monitoring system, and lightning-quick on-board Ethernet networking, making it among the most advanced ADAS systems in existence.  

Lucid Air sensor suite

Impressive sensor suite
The impressive 32-sensor suite feeding data to DreamDrive Pro is seamlessly integrated into the exterior design of Lucid Air. It’s comprised of 14 visible-light cameras, five radar units, four surround view cameras, ultrasonic sensors, and the first automotive installation of LIDAR in North America. Together, these sensors enable DreamDrive Pro to detect objects that a human driver cannot.

A Human-Machine Interface that’s about the human 
DreamDrive Pro’s easy-to-use interface uses text, color, and sound to provide drivers with clear information that’s beautifully presented on the display. It also utilizes Surreal Sound — our fully immersive 21-speaker system — to deliver clear directional alerts. This enhances safety features like Front and Rear Cross Traffic Protection and Autonomous Emergency Braking.  

Lucid Air highway assist

An enhanced highway driving experience
The Highway Assist group of features is designed to help keep drivers safe, while making Lucid Air even more delightful to drive. Highway Assist blends adaptive cruise control and lane centering control to help keep Lucid Air right where it belongs on the freeway, at a safe distance from the vehicle ahead and other lanes.

Lucid Air auto park

Parking made painless
DreamDrive Pro makes parking much easier. Auto Park identifies parallel and perpendicular parking spots and manages all aspects of vehicle control as it enters or exits a spot. It selects gears, steers, drives forward, and reverses in concert to leave Lucid Air in the perfect position.

Lucid Air ethernet ring

Ready for the future
When it comes to connectivity, our proprietary Ethernet Ring — the connection of the four gateways at each corner of the car — provides in-car communication at gigabit speed. And unprecedented redundancy for key systems such as steering, braking, sensors, power, and more. The Ethernet Ring is integral to readying Lucid Air for more advanced driving features in the future. No new hardware will be required.

To truly understand the power of DreamDrive, you have to experience it for yourself. As the smoothest, most intuitive, most stunningly beautiful ADAS system out there, it’s only fitting to call it DreamDrive — to complement your dream car.