Introducing Lucid DreamDrive

The Advanced Driver-Assistance System Will Debut in the Lucid Air

We designed the Lucid Air to set a new benchmark for luxury cars with standard-setting technology like Lucid DreamDrive — its advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS). When we start customer deliveries for initial versions of the Lucid Air early in 2021, DreamDrive will offer the most comprehensive sensor suite on the market. And it’s expected to be the first combining LIDAR with an innovative driver monitoring system as standard equipment.

DreamDrive’s array of 32 multimodal sensors includes the latest camera, radar, and ultrasonic sensors — as well as a long-distance, high-resolution LIDAR that uses laser beams to measure distance from every object in the car’s path. This sophisticated combination of sensors gives DreamDrive the ability to function in any weather condition. And its driver monitoring system helps keep a Lucid Air’s driver informed and alert — with full attention on the road ahead.

When the Lucid Air begins production, DreamDrive’s Level 2 functionality will include 19 safety, driving, and parking assist features — with a further eight advanced features expected soon afterwards, delivered via over-the-air updates. Key features at launch include:


  • Surround View Monitoring
  • Blind Spot Display
  • Cross Traffic Protection
  • Traffic Sign Recognition
  • Automatic Emergency Braking
  • Alerts for distracted or drowsy drivers


  • Full Speed Highway Assist (Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Centering)
  • Traffic Drive-Off Alert
  • Headlight Assist


  • Autonomous Parking Assist
  • Pullout Control
  • Maneuver Comfort Braking

DreamDrive is fully future-proofed — and ready for upgrades to Level 3 features as they become available. It’s also the first ADAS system built on a high-speed Ethernet Ring electric architecture, which also serves as a fully redundant platform for key functions like steering, brakes, and sensors — with independent power sources and communications paths, fail-operational actuators, and fault-tolerant computation. It all brings Lucid’s holistic philosophy of safety to a full circle.

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ADAS diagram
ADAS diagram