The rollout of Lucid UX 2.0 has begun.
Here’s what’s next.

Our most significant software update yet includes a number of user experience improvements and some exciting new features.

Glass Cockpit

Lucid set out to design not simply a groundbreaking electric vehicle but a software-defined vehicle that could be easily updated as we discover, dream, and dare what’s possible down the road. The Lucid UX 2.0 upgrade represents one of those evolutionary moments for Air.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be releasing our free new software through a series of over-the-air updates. To know when to download and install each one, you’ll receive prompts on your Pilot Panel or Lucid app.

Some of the updates won’t be immediately noticeable, but they help lay the important groundwork for other significant improvements. And once all the updates are installed, you’ll enjoy much faster startup speeds for the Glass Cockpit and Pilot Panel displays, updated on-screen layouts that place infotainment buttons and your most-used apps more easily within reach, and turn-by-turn directions that appear in the center of the Glass Cockpit so that they’re easier to follow.

There are many more refinements and upgrades in store for you. For the full list of Lucid UX 2.0 updates, keep reading.

Lucid has the in-house technical depth to continue to innovate and enhance our vehicles long after they leave the assembly line.

— Mike Bell, Senior Vice President of Digital

Glass Cockpit and Pilot Panel are now ready when you are.

  • “Instant-on” displays mean you’ll now be ready to drive as soon as you buckle up.
  • New on-screen layout for the Glass Cockpit with most-used controls—Home, Nav, Media, Phone—in more ergonomic places.
  • Turn-by-turn navigation now appears in the center of the cockpit display.
  • More Alexa Built-in voice control features including climate-control settings for the rear seat.
Lucid UX 2.0

Intelligent Micro Lens Array Headlights become even smarter.

  • Headlights will now sense you turning the steering wheel to illuminate the area you’re turning into. This complements our bending headlights feature, which illuminates around curves at higher speeds.
  • High Beam Assist detects not only other vehicles but other sources of nearby light, and automatically switches to low beams.
  • Automatic headlight leveling, with sensor-based adjustments for height and vehicle angle.
Lucid Air

DreamDrive and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems refinements.

  • Highway Assist with active lane centering and adaptive cruise control.
  • Rear Pedestrian Collision Protection is more capable, regardless of gear and direction of travel.
  • Improvements to visual cues from Park Distance Warning feature.

Easier entry and exit, even de-icing.

  • New measures make automatic locking and unlocking simpler, more intuitive, and more responsive, with both the key fob and Mobile Key, as well as with additional user-customizable settings.
  • New De-Ice Mode combines defrost, automatic wiper-blade movement, and wiper fluid to clear ice that may be obstructing the view from the windshield.

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